Room Dividers, or ‘Wobbly Walls’ as they are known in our workshop, are a brand new concept dreamt up by our design team here at Wind-Jammers.

Room dividers allow you to maximise space by creating different areas within a room. Whether you want to cover up clutter areas or simply use them as a wall hanging, the Wobbly Walls are a great way to liven up any space.

Useful for either home or work spaces, Wobbly Walls offer a flexible solution and can be rolled away when not in use. Wobbly Walls are particularly useful in winter months providing an excellent barrier against chills and draughts that can significantly contribute to reducing heating bills.

The 'walls' are attached with velcro on one side for safety and have a bolt rope/track which simply fixes to any ceiling. We can design the 'walls' to your specific requirements using a range of colours and designs with added features such as windows, zip-up doors or pockets for extra storage. To get more ideas of how a Wobbly Wall will fit into your space contact our team of experienced designers here.




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